celebrating independence
Celebrating independence


BinckBank relaunches their brand for a broader audience, one that extends beyond just the hardcore investor. An audience that is looking for more than just financial solutions, but rather what experience money can bring them: independence. As the brand that brought the stock market to the people, BinckBank wanted to bring that feeling of independence to their (new) customers.

The campaign celebrates that feeling of independence. This feeling is different for everybody; for some it is breaking free, for others it could be doing something they thought they couldn’t. These moments are captured and celebrated throughout the campaign with an invitation for the audience to start working on their independence, together with BinckBank.

Michael Van den Brande (Strategy Director, XXS Amsterdam): “A lot of people feel that independence is something unapproachable. With this campaign, we want to show people that freedom is more achievable than they think.”

John de Vries (Creative Director, XXS Amsterdam): “To communicate this new mentality in the most optimal way, we gave the brand a new face. With a fresh and infectious imagery and storyline we have taken a huge step. Also internationally.’’

Watch the first - Dutch - commercial below or click here for the whole campaign.


TV Commercial