The Caveman Grill
Where meat meets fire

Why a grill?

Why does a creative agency bring a premium BBQ on the market? Because we are big BBQ addicts? Love our steaks? We do. But The Caveman Grill is first and foremost about practicing what we preach. We believe in data driven marketing. Designing communication strategies and customer journeys for different target audiences. Creating messages that are both engaging and relevant.

We use The Caveman case to test different conversion strategies such as influencers, different persona’s, Facebook marketing and retargeting.

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About The Caveman Grill

The Caveman Grill brings you back to the essence of flame grilling. No hassle with charcoal, lids or thermometers. Just a wood fire, a good piece of meat, and an adjustable height grill grate to secure the desired temperature. The simplicity of The Caveman Grill makes grilling spectacular, easy and fun. The result: Perfectly grilled meat. Pure delight.

The Caveman Grill is handmade in the Netherlands using only the highest quality steel. Please go to our website for more information.


Introduction Video