hollandsnieuwe & XXS Amsterdam
Take on the challenge together
hollandsnieuwe & XXS Amsterdam


XXS Amsterdam takes on the challenge for hollandsnieuwe.

hollandsnieuwe, the no-frills brand of Vodafone, has chosen XXS Amsterdam as its new creative agency. The new brand campaign, developed by XXS, will go live in autumn 2017.

hollandsnieuwe is a subsidiary company of Vodafone. The brand started in 2011 and offers beneficial combinations of phones and sim only subscriptions & bundles, with which people can decide themselves how much they are going to call, text or internet. 

Caroline Will, manager marketing hollandsnieuwe: ‘’The campaigns of hollandsnieuwe recently had a strong transactional layer. The defensive role with regard to price fighters is still relevant, but we thought it was time to communicate the emotional meaning of the brand more. We want to emphasize what we stand for as hollandsnieuwe and think we have found the right partner in XXS Amsterdam to do so.''

Piet Hein Smit, founder and partner XXS Amsterdam: “We have a lot of experience with challenger brand and notice more and more that the battle can not be won exclusively on price. We're thrilled that Vodafone has asked us to develop the new brand campaign of hollandsnieuwe. Their brand store will resonate with everyone in the Netherlands that has down-to-earth view on phones and subscriptions.''