New10 & XXS Amsterdam
Introduction campaign #keepgoing
New10 & XXS Amsterdam


XXS Amsterdam develops introduction campaign New10

Starting today, SME entrepreneurs have a new address for their financial loans. At, a new initiative by ABN AMRO bank, fast growing companies can get a loan to expand their business. As a fast growing company you don’t have the luxury to wait on answers for days or be dazzled with unclarity. You have to keep going. That’s why New10 tells you within 15 minutes if you can get a loan. With crystal clear terms and costs included.

XXS Amsterdam developed the introduction campaign that responds to the needs of these entrepreneurs for clarity and speed. The #keepgoing campaign anticipates on this by literally using clear and hi-speed communication.

Keep going

In the campaign, XXS Amsterdam used the fact that New10 has the same mentality as the entrepreneurs for whom they do it. "The biggest deal we saw is the inexhaustible urge to continue," says René Verbong, creative director at XXS. "Keep going may sound like bullshit bingo, but it is hard-hitting reality for successful young entrepreneurs. If you can't continue, you miss out on opportunities. A loan from New10 can make the difference. Hence the theme of the campaign: #keepgoing."


John de Vries, creative director at XXS: ''With New10 you know within no-time whether you can borrow 1 million or if your plans are feasible. Everything goes digital, even putting the final signature. The speed of entrepreneurship ultimately became the style of the campaign. It's in the edit, the soundtrack and the images of the film."

Watch the introduction campaign here.