Verkade & XXS Amsterdam
A delightful start of the new year

Royal Dutch biscuits brand Verkade has chosen XXS Amsterdam as lead creative agency.

Jessica Zomerdijk, Brand Director at Verkade:
“Verkade is a beautiful Dutch brand with a rich history (since 1886), but we had some though years recently. We were looking for an agency who really understands brand and knows how to make a brand relevant again. In XXS Amsterdam we found an agency who keeps us focussed.  They don’t only think along with us, but know how to make a difference with smart strategies and impactful creative work. XXS Amsterdam is an agency where we really feel at home.’’

“We’re extremely delighted to start working together with Verkade. A big brand with big challenges, with people who have the courage and will to take on these challenges.  Strategically it was a tough cookie to crack; from business strategy to brand- & communication strategy some solid decisions  were made. Choices which needed to be made in order to develop creative work which will bring Verkade completely back on the map!’’ - Piet Hein Smit, Partner XXS Amsterdam.