Zorg voor #deleven
Zorg voor #deleven
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Zorg voor #deleven


Anderzorg is the no-nonsense health insurer in the Netherlands and one of the youngest brands in the category. For 7 years straight they were the cheapest in offering a basic health insurance package. But how to reach their target if they lose their biggest usp, the lowest price?

That’s why we introduced a new brand mentality. We partnered with Dutch artist Sef and launched the campaign with a documentary revolving around #deleven. Young adults explain how #deleven has a different meaning for everyone, but also how it shares the same thought of living life to the fullest.



We proved the ease of Anderzorg’s usp’s through each of their communication touch points with the brand promise: “Less hassle, more of the good life” (Minder gedoe, meer #deleven). Switching health insurance for example became easier than ever through Instagram. Within just four taps through different accounts you custom clicked through your healthcare package. An industry-first, right in the habitat of our audience. Leaving you with more time to enjoy the good life.


  • Effie Award - Behaviour (Short term)
  • Esprix Award - Financial
  • SAN Award - Financial Services


Case Movie
Online Documentary
Switch from health insurance through Instagram
Switch through Instagram
TV Commercial