Zorg voor #deleven 2017
Zorg voor #deleven 2017
Zorg voor #deleven 2017


Young people aren’t really focused on their health insurance. Anderzorg made it her mission to let young people live their life to the fullest (#deleven). That’s why Anderzorg introduced: Zorg voor de Leven. Our health solutions serve young people to live the life they want to live (#deleven).

That’s why we kicked off the new year with a free food advice service through WhatsApp. During festival season we showed it’s better to prevent hearing damage then to cure it. In 5 vlog episodes, Patty showed you how to overcome your fear of flying with VR.


We partnered with DJ Sophie Francis and gave away ear plugs during her live sets. She made a track with the effect of hearing damage. We let artist Sharon Doorson speak openly about her burn-out, to create national awareness about this subject.

On anderzorg.nl you could live chat with burnout coaches. The end of year campaign showed a recap, so we didn’t have to talk about healthcare packages. Switching health insurance became easier than ever through Instagram. All together, this is Zorg voor #deleven.


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Zorg voor #deleven