DigiDope by Anderzorg


6 out 10 millennials admit to have a phone addiction. Health insurer Anderzorg wanted to educate millennials about phone related health issues, such as stress and bad sleep.

So to actually reach these addicts, we started dealing dope on Instagram: DigiDope. When they followed our Instagram...They got a free shot of 250 likes and comments. How they got high? With a fix this big, the brain releases dopamine: the reward chemical our brain releases when we go high on hearts, likes and followers.

DigiDope took over Instagram: we ended up dealing over 1 million likes to our addicted audience. What they didn’t know?...they automatically enrolled in a cold turkey program on Insta Stories. Educating them why phone addiction is bad for your physical and mental health. The program lasted 21 days - a good start to kick your bad habit. We educated over 3,6 million people about phone addiction and Anderzorg's brand consideration increased from 28 to 43% procent.

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