Lak. door Tijn
Lak. door Tijn
Stichting Semmy
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Lak. door Tijn


Tijn, a six-year-old boy received hero-status in December 2016 by holding a country-wide fundraising campaign. He was able to raise a lot of money for the Red Cross by painting nails for money. For Tijn himself, all hope was lost, he had brainstem cancer and 0% chance of survival. This little hero wanted to give kids like him a chance at a longer life. A machine existed that could prolong the life of brainstem cancer patients and uncover valuable insights for doctors treating the disease. Only, it was expensive (1,000,000 euros)

We made Tijn president of his own nail polish company: Lak. door Tijn (translated: Nail Polish by Tijn). We coupled this idea with a crowd-
funding campaign and website, where you could buy a bottle of Tijn’s nail polish for just 10 euros.


In the campaign film Tijn called out to the Netherlands to help him reach his goal.

After you picked a color (his favorite colors) and bought the product, you became co-financier of the Convection-Enhanced-Delivery-machine, which prolongs the life of brain stem cancer patients like Tijn.

With no budget, the campaign was shown on all big Dutch TV shows and news programs. Brands such as IKEA, Vodafone and Heineken helped by setting up their own mini fundraising campaigns.

We sold 100,000 bottles of nail polish and successfully raised 1,283,494.74 euros for the fight against brain stem cancer. Making Tijn a bigger hero than he already was.

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