Verkade - Tastes like home
Tastes likes home
Verkade...tastes likes home


Verkade, a brand with a long history in Dutch homes. Within the tastes like home brand platform, we continued to build on the emotional connection with Verkade. 

Because Verkade has been at the heart of people's homes for decades, it automatically generates a warm nostalgic feeling for many generations: 'that wonderful warm feeling of home'. 

We created a campaign that focuses on 'that wonderful feeling', but gave it a twist. Because how do you make someone else feel at home? Your first instinct is to go all out, overdoing it. But when you finally act like you normally would, the other person will feel at home as well. Starting out from this simple way of saying mi casa es su casa, we told a little story about something that is happening every weekend somewhere in Holland: children staying over at their grandparents’ house and feeling a bit homesick.

Watch the commercial below