The Employability Coach
The Employability Coach
Zorg van de Zaak
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The Employability Coach


The campaign is launched to inform SMEs of a new available service in the Health & Safety Service package of Zorg van de Zaak: ‘The Employability Coach’. Its purpose is to discuss non-medical causes of long term absence and helps to find solutions to make people re-employable, and most importantly, to keep them employed.

Of all the 765.000 long-term sickness notices, only 30% has a medical cause. Other issues play part in the remaining 70%. Think: informal care by relatives, harassment in the workplace, a job that doesn’t meet personal wishes. It’s exactly these type of issues which are not easy to discuss for an SMEs employee. But with the Employability Coach, now they can.


The campaign is focused to bring this new service under the attention of SMEs as companies can switch from Health & Safety Service provider in the month of September.

The overall perception of the Dutch Health & Safety Service isn’t very good and mostly employers and employees think the ‘company doctor doesn’t cooperate very well’. Zorg van de Zaak wants to change this common perception.

The campaign shows we understand employees of SMEs and shows six powerful portraits of six reasons behind long term work absence.

Watch a selection of the portraits below.

Alcohol addiction