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Stronger at work
Zorg van de Zaak
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Stronger at work


When sponsoring football clubs, companies usually have two simple goals: raising brand awareness and doing business while enjoying beer in the sky box.

The ambition of Zorg van de Zaak and FC Utrecht is much bigger than this. They want to use the sponsorship to address issues that are part of working life and today’s society and this way deepen the relationship of customers and prospects.

So labor and football. How do you bring these two themes together in a credible and relevant way?


Thanks to the players of FC Utrecht, finding this link was not complicated at all as the football field is their workplace where they are constantly confronted with stress, discrimination and bullying.

The open and vulnerable way the footballers spoke about their work life was special. Footballers rarely share these sorts of emotions. It gave us a relevant and distinctive way of bringing these 'ARBO' (health and safety service) themes to the attention of the target group.


  • SAN Award - Business to business
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Stronger at work - Zorg van de Zaak
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